Joes Flies - Short Striker - Size 8 - Cowdung

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 The originator and leader... light / ultralight weight spinner-fly combinations, the Joe's Flies     Short-Striker  Classic - Size #8 is our  highly recommended, and most popular catagory.

    A secret of the "Short-Striker "Classic" Size #8 is two fold. The enticing mirror polished spinner-blade in bright Gold or Nickel grabs the trouts attention. The hand tied fly holds his attention and causes an "instinctive strike"The trout is successfully landed with the assistance of the incredible hook and hold capacity of the the hidden trailing treble working in combination with the main hook.

    Each Short -Striker "Classic" features a premium quality "hand tied" fly carefully chosen to "match the hatch" throughout the year with near perfect imitation, triggering the trout's natural food selective instinct.

   Last but not least we present the the EZ-Exchange Clip. This feature allows the angler to tie on the lure once.  Time is saved when presenting  multiple color combinations without having to re-tie via the EZ-Exchange Clip T his feature is greatly appreciated by the adolescent anglers and those with dexterity issues.